noctisidus (noctisidus) wrote in latin_freak,

Conversational Latin

Okay, first, i'm trying to figure this out, so don't kill me if i screwed up.

Second, anyone want to try to learn conversational Latin with me? I have a book!
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you and your book....*sigh*
"What do you do when you go to the forum?"

"We go to shops."

"What do you do in the shops?"

"We shop."

and of course, we all know that the word chauffeur is derived from the Latin word meaning car. (which is, by the way, currus, -us; or autoraeda, -ae)
Te accendo.

see if that's in your book of conversational latin.
it only has english to latin. And as its a school text book, probably not.
do you know what it means anyway? it was in my school textbook.
Knowing you, probably something completely innocent with a completely perverted meaning.
no. look it up. if you can't find it within a day i'll tell you.
no, it's not perverted.